Udacity has announced that it is launching a new Data Engineer Nanodegree Program. According to the company, as more businesses try to reinvent themselves a data-driven organizations, they are finding that there aren’t enough data engineers to fill new data positions.

The hope is that the program will provide students with the technical skills needed to become a data engineer. To create the course Udacity collaborated with experts from companies such as Insight Data Engineering, Slack, Stitch Fix, and Uber.

NTT Security to acquire WhiteHat Security
NTT Security has announced plans to acquire WhiteHat Security. The acquisition will enable NTT Security to provide a more comprehensive suite of end-to-end security solutions. The two organizations will work to address security needs, ranging from IT infrastructure to critical business applications.

After the acquisition is completed, WhiteHat Security will operate as an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Security.

Storybook 5.0 now available
Storybook 5.0 is now available, and according to the team, it is the biggest release yet. Storybook is a UI component workshop, and this release includes a complete overhaul of the Storybook developer experience, theme-ready component library, evolved front-end architecture for addons, and a brand new website, according to the team.

Going forward, the company will work on making user feedback a priority, making Storybook more configurable, and stabilizing the platform with more frequent releases.

DigitalOcean launches a Marketplace for apps
DigitalOcean has launched a new Marketplace designed to make it easier for developers to find pre-configured applications and solutions. The DigitalOcean team says it worked very carefully with its partners when creating Marketplace in order to provide a seamless experience for its users.

It is launching with apps built by partners such as WordPress, Grafana, OpenFaas, InfluxData, and Hasura GraphQL engine.

Dataiku 5.1 now available
AI platform Dataiku has released the latest version of its platform. Dataiku 5.1 includes an improved UX, smoother coding experience, an a new governance framework.

“At Dataiku, we support the needs of our customers by not only helping break down data silos within their organizations, but also by continually innovating to anticipate where the market is going and providing tools that help companies with their biggest upcoming challenges,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku. “Dataiku 5.1 anticipates the market’s demands for tomorrow, including the need for support in an increasingly regulated data environment as well as the need to govern – yet at the same time enable – the work of both specialized data scientists and analysts.”