Organizations such as the Linux Foundation, OpenSSF, Google, Akamai, and Red Hat attended a White House Summit meant to address supply chain security challenges following the recent log4j crisis. 

“The open-source ecosystem will need to work together to further cybersecurity research, training, analysis, and remediation of defects found in critical open-source software projects. These plans were met with positive feedback and a growing, collective commitment to take meaningful action,” said Brian Behlendorf, the executive director of the Open Source Security Foundation.

Key considerations for the government and industry include prioritizing investment into tools and technologies that can help increase the visibility of use of open source, optimally through automated tools, support strong private-public ownership, and improve information sharing, according to Akamai. 

Jetpack Window Manager release candidate 

Google promoted a number of packages related to dual-screen devices to release candidate status, including Jetpack Window Manager, SlidingPaneLayout, Navigation, and Preference. 

The Jetpack WindowInfoTracker class provides an API for apps to respond each time the layout changes and is affected by a hinge or fold. 

Jetpack Navigation component also got a new update (2.4.0-rc01) that makes it fold and large-screen aware: the component now uses SlidingPaneLayout internally.

Additional details on all of the updates are available here

Google’s solution challenge 2022

Google is inviting students from around the world to join the Google Developer Student Clubs 2022 Solution Challenge to help solve one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals using Google technologies.

“This year, see how you can use Android, Firebase, TensorFlow, Google Cloud, Flutter, or any of your favorite Google technologies to promote employment for all, economic growth, and climate action, by building a solution for one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” Erica Hanson, global senior program manager at Google Developer Student Clubs wrote in a blog post

Google will provide Solution Challenge participants with various resources to help students build strong projects for their contest submission and project demos must be submitted by March 31st.