WhiteSource, an open-source security and management company, today announced that a Log4j remediation preset is now included in both its commercial product and free GitHub developer tool.

With this preset, enterprises can find and fix Log4j dependencies, both direct and indirect. WhiteSource is also bringing users a new online research center in order to provide Log4j remediation and secure coding best practices. 

“As news of new Log4j exploits emerge daily, it’s crucial for developers using Log4j to quickly and proactively update Log4j to a secure version,” said Rhys Arkins, director of product management at WhiteSource. “WhiteSource Renovate combined with Merge Confidence helps developers support that strategy.” 

Svelte 2022 updates

Svelte, an advanced JavaScript platform, recently unveiled new updates being brought to the platform in 2022. These updates include enhancements to Svelte, SvelteKit, Language Tools, and the Showcase.

A few key updates include 

  • Concurrency mode in SvelteKit will now prerender pages in parallel by default in 1.0.0-next.205 and later
  • CSS is now automatically included before JS for improved page performance 
  • A new config option adds the ability to disable service worker registration to do your own custom registration
  • SvelteKit server will now automatically restart when the config files is changed 

For a full list of updates, visit here.

Clear acquires Whyline

Clear, the secure identity company, today announced its acquisition of Whyline, a provider of virtual queuing and appointment technology. The combination of these platforms brings innovation into routine activities, helping to give users more control over their day-to-day experiences.

This acquisition will 

  • Bring the Clear experience to new industries such as banking, retail, and government services while simultaneously expanding virtual queuing in existing industries 
  • Accelerate Clear’s expansion into international markets via Whyline’s existing client and partner base
  • Leverage Whyline’s technology and its team to further enhance Clear’s products and platform