Section announced a new Kubernetes Edge Interface (KEI) to allow organizations to deploy application workloads across a distributed edge as if it were a single cluster. 

With the new interface, development teams can use familiar tools such as kubectl or Helm and deploy applications to a multi-cloud, multi-region and multi-provider network. 

Section’s patented Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE) employs policy-driven controls to automatically tune, shape and optimize application workloads in the background across Section’s Composable Edge Cloud.

“Edge deployment is simply better than centralized data centers or single clouds in most every important metric – performance, scale, efficiency, resilience, usability, etc.,” said Stewart McGrath, Section’s CEO. “Yet organizations historically put off edge adoption because it’s been complicated. With Section’s KEI, teams don’t have to change tools or workflows; the distributed edge effectively becomes a cluster of Kubernetes clusters and our AEE automation and Composable Edge Cloud handles the rest.”

Developers can use it to configure service discovery, routing users to the best container instance, define complex applications such as composite ones that consist of many containers, define system resource allocations, and much more.