Sparx Systems, a leading vendor of modeling tools based on open standards, has today announced the release of Enterprise Architect 9.1. This latest release offers new tools and enhancements for those tasked with modeling and understanding complex systems. The new simulation features in Enterprise Architect 9.1 allow users to understand their systems and explore alternatives without directly manipulating them. “By analyzing and exploring alternatives in a simulated environment before resources are committed, we are helping users reduce risk and save time and money,” remarked Sparx Systems COO, Tom O’Reilly. “Intelligent execution with scripted guards and effects enable powerful simulation at the click of a button.” Through the release of Enterprise Architect 9.1, Sparx Systems has responded to its user community and the specific needs of the industry it serves. “This latest release of Enterprise Architect reinforces its strong base as a robust, flexible and easy to use tool”, commented Frank Truyen, President of Cephas Consulting Corporation. “It’s exactly what the user community ordered!” Further to this release, Enterprise Architect 9.1 has included the second beta of Sparx Systems’ MDG Technology for ArcGIS, supporting the design of geodatabases in the ArcGIS 10.0 suite of tools developed by Esri Inc. Anthony Burgon from Geoplex, remarked, “Being able to model Esri’s ArcGIS Geodatabases within Enterprise Architect represents a massive improvement in the way that ArcGIS architects and analysts work with geospatial databases. From having to treat a Geodatabase separately – we can now use Enterprise Architect for all of our modeling needs.” Enterprise Architect 9.1 represents a major innovation for Sparx Systems. The release of advanced simulation capabilities and geodatabase design tools continues Sparx Systems commitment to providing high-end functionality. A full list of updates and enhancements in version 9.1 can be found at: