Syncfusion, Inc., the developer solutions company of choice, today announced the release of a major update to the Syncfusion Dashboard Platform. The platform’s visuals have been constructed with an emphasis on modern design and mobile functionality. Dashboards created with the platform represent the current trends of 2016 and are perfectly at home on today’s devices. Development is easier, too, as Syncfusion’s powerful designer features superior drag-and-drop capability.

“The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform is a transformational product in many ways,” said Daniel Jebaraj, Syncfusion vice president. “It is becoming increasingly vital for companies to deploy dashboards across the breadth and depth of their organizations. Dashboards are perhaps the most important piece of software deployed, since they allow stakeholders to get a reading on vital metrics at any time.”

The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform integrates with systems such as Active Directory, making it easy and safe to share interactive dashboards and edit them on the web. Additionally, Syncfusion’s commitment to making big data solutions available to organizations of all sizes has carried over to the dashboard platform. The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform works with hundreds of millions of data points, offering unparalleled power. Data can be imported from most popular sources, including Apache Spark, Microsoft Excel, relational databases, and more. All of this comes at a cost that is as much as 80% lower than competitive products. For small organizations, the Syncfusion Community License makes the dashboard platform available at no cost.

Jebaraj also noted that “Syncfusion’s solution is more powerful, modern, mobile, and costs a fraction of what it would cost to deploy antiquated solutions from competitors.” He is especially excited for the value Syncfusion offers to global license holders.

“They get unlimited access to the dashboard platform at no extra cost. This can save users millions in licensing fees as they upgrade to a superior experience. We are thrilled to see that several Fortune 100 global license holders have already rolled out solutions based on our platform, saving time and money.”

One Syncfusion customer in the oil and gas industry had a system in place to display failures in automated testing. The system, while effective, took anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes to generate a single report. After implementing the Syncfusion Dashboard Platform, the customer was able to rebuild the system and now uses it worldwide to generate reports in seconds.

The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform represents Syncfusion’s ongoing commitment to providing the best in enterprise software and tools. Modern design, ease of use, improved security, and big-data support make Syncfusion’s dashboard product the most significant step forward in the enterprise domain. For more information on the Syncfusion Dashboard Platform, refer to the announcement on Syncfusion’s blog or explore the dashboard platform page at