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Oracle buys NetSuite

Oracle today announced plans to buy NetSuite, an Internet-based ERP company, for US$9.3 billion. While this is one of Oracle’s largest acquisitions to date, it is also something of a coming home to roost, as Oracle chairman and cofounder Larry Ellison already owned more than 40% of NetSuite. Founded in 1998, NetSuite was originally funded … continue reading

SD Times Blog: What sets Red Hat apart from the Valley

It’s difficult to find conferences these days that don’t take a Steve Jobs approach to the keynote, or a Marc Benioff approach to amenities and concerts. This week’s Red Hat Summit, however, cut its own path through Valley conference norms. While this was the company’s largest Summit yet held, it was also a new approach … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Xamarin acquisition will take Microsoft to other platforms

The modern software development warzone is clearly the mobile device. Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin, is a clear sign that that company intends to continue apace with its cross-platform mobile strategy, and also signals that other mobile platforms are just as important to Microsoft as its own largely failed mobile OS. Xamarin’s sweet spot has been … continue reading

Industry Watch: Software industry M&A grows in the last year

Mergers and acquisitions in the first six months of this year grew by 3% over the last six months of last year, according to a new study by mid-market investment bank Berkery Noyes. That’s a positive sign that investment in the technology sector remains strong. In fact, beginning from the last six months of 2013, … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Crazy rumor of the day: Oracle to buy Salesforce?

There’s a crazy rumor going around the Valley right now that Oracle is about to buy Personally, I don’t buy it at all, but I will see fit to explain why people are saying this: Insiders have sold off a bit of stock. Really, the sales are concentrated around Feb. 24, when a segment … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Do you want to be a billionaire?

Why do companies buy other companies? What happens to those inside the company that is bought? … continue reading

Year in Review: Mergers and acquisitions

Attachmate’s acquisition of Novell was the big news, but there was a steady stream of smaller-value deals … continue reading Protection Status