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Allstacks releases new tool for tracking R&D cost capitalization

The value stream management company Allstacks has announced the general release of its Software Capitalization feature. This new capability allows teams to track software development expenses related to R&D that could be subject to capitalization or tax credits. According to Allstacks, R&D cost capitalization is something that is mandated by accounting standards in the US … continue reading

Flow metrics in SAFe 6 help with value realization and delivery

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) helps companies organize work, organize teams, determine how to break work up, and understand what is being prioritized in all of this. And the inclusion of flow metrics into SAFe 6 enables those companies to realize those plans. Flow metrics can enable companies to determine if all of that orchestration … continue reading

Allstacks Renews SOC 2 Certification, Demonstrating Data Security of the Value Stream Intelligence Platform

RALEIGH, NC – July 26, 2023 – Allstacks, a leader in value stream intelligence, today announced that it has successfully renewed a Type 2 Service Organization Control (SOC 2) examination conducted by an independent auditor. The audit demonstrated that the Allstacks platform meets specific criteria for guarding the data security of its clients and their customers. SOC … continue reading

Value stream intelligence gleaned from metrics drives business outcomes

With value stream management becoming more mainstream in organizations looking to better align IT initiatives with business priorities, SD Times had the chance to produce a webinar with two of the members of the team at Allstacks, which has created a value stream intelligence platform – Adam Dahlgren, COO and head of product, and Parker … continue reading

KPI anti-patterns hinder business outcomes

When it comes to data-driven decision-making, quality control, goal alignment, and accountability, establishing and adhering to key performance indicators (KPIs) is the industry standard for creating and maintaining exceptional engineering teams.  Unfortunately, there are a few engineering KPI anti-patterns that reduce the organizations’ ability to understand how their performance relates to business outcomes. When teams … continue reading

‘Flow Triangles’ help organizations ensure teams are working together

There are people who believe that software development is pure art. And there are people who believe that it is basically manufacturing. The reality, of course, is that it’s somewhere in the middle. Because of that, before you can even begin to measure how your team is performing, it’s critically important to understand your organization’s … continue reading

Allstacks Announces $12.3M in Series A Funding

Today, Allstacks, a leader in value stream intelligence, announced $12.3M in Series A funding. Companyon Ventures led this new funding round, with participation from Atlassian Ventures and CreativeCo, as well as support from initial investors including Hyperplane Venture Capital, S3, ClutchVC, and others. Its investors are eager to support Allstacks as the company grows its innovative platform, helping software … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Allstacks releases industry benchmark dashboard; IBM to add new NLP enhancements to Watson Discovery; Workato raises $200 million in Series E

Allstacks today announced the release of a live dashboard with valuable industry benchmark data from software engineer teams for free on its website. This allows any organization to access real-time, actionable data in order to achieve continuous improvement goals by comparing the progress of its own software teams. With this, software teams can become more … continue reading

Value stream intelligence

Metrics are great. They give you insight into how your systems are running, and help you see the results of what you’ve done. They help you derive value from your efforts. But what if you want to not merely play catch-up with what the metrics are telling you, but instead want to mitigate against how … continue reading Protection Status