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Android Developer Conference shows off new tools

The Android Developer Conference closed today, ending a three-day soiree of tooling, tutorials and talks. The event played host to a number of companies demonstrating and discussing their work on the Android platform. One newcomer to the show was CleverTap, a mobile app analytics and engagement service that easily integrates into existing application code. CleverTap … continue reading

AnDevCon keynote highlights app discovery

The Android Developer Conference may have started yesterday, but the big crowds at this morning’s keynote from Google showed that today was when developers would find what they came for. After a keynote entitled “The Future of Search and Apps,” developers got to ask their own questions about that future. (Related: What to expect from … continue reading

Android Developer Conference kicks off

Call it the digital sword of Damocles: Like some torturous situation out of an Edgar Allan Poe story, the entire world’s population of Android users is currently waiting with baited breath for Joshua Drake (Jduck) to release his claimed super exploit for Android. The famous security researcher claims his exploit can take advantage of 95% … continue reading

Intel talks cross-platform Android development at AnDevCon

This fall’s Android Developer Conference in San Francisco showed developers the expanding possibilities in Android development. We caught up with Jeff McVeigh, general manager of performance client and visual computing within Intel’s Developer Products Division, at AnDevCon to discuss cross-platform development and tools as well as what it takes to create a great Android application. … continue reading

Android Developer Conference shows expanding products

In an exposition that was more reminiscent of early PC conferences than a developer event, the Android Developer Conference showed off numerous innovative products. For developers, tools on display offered new ways to monetize, test and monitor apps. Hardware makers were also on hand to offer help for designers working on-next generation devices and applications. … continue reading

Google shows developers Android possibilities

When Android was young in 2008, every developer working on an application for the platform was taking a huge risk. But for some early adopters, that risk yielded massive rewards. Today, there are more than 1 billion active Android users worldwide, and building applications for this blockbuster platform is no longer such a great risk. … continue reading

AnDevCon San Francisco welcomes Google and Google developer experts to technical program

BZ Media LLC today announced its opening keynote at AnDevCon San Francisco, the Android Developer Conference, “What’s New in Android” with Chet Haase, lead of the Android UI Toolkit team at Google, and Reto Meier, lead of the Scalable Developer Advocacy team at Google. The four-day conference, November 18 – 21, will feature the keynote … continue reading

AnDevCon shows many paths to Android success

Conference focused on making applications stand out in a crowded marketplace … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Eleven tech events you absolutely must attend in 2014

If you’re in or near San Francisco, you’ll be easily able to attend most of them … continue reading

Google talks tools at AnDevCon III

New 3D debugging tool and recent ADK changes are detailed by Google developers at the third Android Developer Conference … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Introducing AnDevCon III, May 2012

Scheduling the next Android Developer Conference turned into an odyssey … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: The latest from SD Times World Headquarters

SD Times has new bloggers, upcoming shows, and a new section to the website … continue reading Protection Status