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The EFF wants developers to help defend online security

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has developed numerous technology projects that aim to defend online freedom, privacy and security, and now it wants the help of developers. The EFF has announced Coding with EFF, an initiative to get developers to assist on their open-source projects. “We at EFF are always excited to unveil new ways for … continue reading

SD Times news digest: August 18, 2014—Minecraft makes LearnToMod, XRay tracks the use of online personal data

Minecraft mod teaches kids how to code A new mod from Minecraft looks to teach kids how to code along with teaching them how to mod. Kids can use Blockly, JavaScript or a combination of the two to code. “Blockly is a great way to learn deep computer science concepts like if statements, loops, data … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Coding: Unleashing creativity, or managing complexity

Why did we become programmers? There may be many reasons, but I’ll bet that for most (or all!) developers, it’s because of a love of design and creation, and the joy of seeing something that we’ve built come alive. For many of us, particularly those who became managers or entrepreneurs, opportunities to code are few … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Progvember is over… until next year

The month dedicated to coding comes to an end, leaving some developers more successful than others … continue reading

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