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SD Times news digest: Magic xpa 4.0, EDB Postgres Migration Portal, and Square Reader SDK

Magic Software, a provider of end-to-end integration and development platforms, has announced the release of Magic xpa 4.0. The latest release includes a new Angular-based application framework, which developers can use to provide full-stack solutions generated from business application logic. According to the company, Magic’s framework separates business logic from the presentation of apps, which … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Android APKs, GitHub Education, and NGINX funding

Google has added a small amount of security metadata on APKs in order to verify which APKs were distributed by Google Play. This comes after it announced last year that it would be making updates to app security to verify authenticity. The company will be able to determine authenticity when a device is offline, add … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Google studies hackers’ behavior, Magic xpc is released, and Qualcomm rejects Broadcom’s offer

Google has released results of a study that was done to understand the causes of account takeover. The study was done in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley from March 2016 to March 2017. Google used the results of the study to improve its own security practices. According to the results,  phishing is the … continue reading

Building Out the Platform

Magic Software’s iBOLT integration software is more evidence of Microsoft’s great support for SharePoint as a platform … continue reading Protection Status