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Metalogix Replicator introduces ability to sync SharePoint content between versions

Cross-version replication technology lets users sync content on hardware and software they already have deployed … continue reading

Metalogix provides ability to store SharePoint content in the cloud with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Rely on the award-winning suite of Metalogix SharePoint products to realize the performance benefits of Windows Azure … continue reading

Metalogix launches Content Matrix Migration Express

Metalogix today announced the launch of Content Matrix Migration Express for simple, fast SharePoint migrations … continue reading

Metalogix StoragePoint shatters the 2GB barrier for managing extremely large files directly within SharePoint

New feature is a breakthrough for managing Big Content in SharePoint and addresses key pain point for many organizations … continue reading

Metalogix announces release of Replicator for SharePoint 5.0 with innovative patent-pending features for geo-dispersed multi-server SharePoint replication

New features including adaptive replication and compression address the needs of multi-server SharePoint environments … continue reading

Metalogix announces release of Content Manager for SharePoint with powerful capabilities to manage, classify and maximize SharePoint content

New Product Series to Enhance the Use and Performance of Rapidly Growing SharePoint Environments … continue reading

Signs that SharePoint is maturing

Acquisitions and partnerships mean that SharePoint is no longer a niche market … continue reading

Metalogix acquires Syntergy’s SharePoint assets

Replicator for SharePoint is the centerpiece of this acquisition … continue reading

Metalogix Releases Solution for SharePoint-BPOS Migration

New software allows content to be moved into dedicated hosted environments … continue reading

Metalogix, Microsoft Bring Out Free Migration Accelerator

The tool will assist SharePoint users in using SharePoint 2010’s search capabilities in a business setting … continue reading Protection Status