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Analyst View: The advantages of Moto Z

I’ve been carrying the Moto Z from Motorola for several weeks now and I’m really falling in love with the modular aspects of this phone. I firmly believe that we have been focused too much on making these things thin, which has made them harder to hold, done ugly things to battery life and thermals, … continue reading

Sonatype’s State of the Software Supply Chain, Motorola and Neurala team up for AI, and The Bitfury Group’s Exonum — SD Times news digest: July 17, 2017

Sonatype released its third annual State of the Software Supply Chain report, which highlights risks within open source software components. The report also highlights the benefits of managing software supply chain hygiene. “Companies are no longer building software applications from scratch, they are manufacturing them as fast as they can using an infinite supply of … continue reading

Analyst View: Motorola’s strategy for a slowing smartphone market

Perhaps it is because Motorola is owned by Lenovo, or perhaps it is simply because there is some cross-pollination between PC and smartphone companies now, but of the smartphone vendors, Motorola is the only one aggressively applying a strategy out of the PC space. When the PC segment hit a wall, the experienced companies moved … continue reading

Lenovo to get rid of Motorola brand

Lenovo is killing the flip-phone star. The Chinese smartphone and laptop company, which acquired Motorola in 2014, is slowly ending that brand, according to an Android Central report. With the Internet of Things moving forward, remembrance of the days of the flip-phone shows how far smartphones and mobile devices have come. Motorola is considered to … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Smartwatch drivers: Form over function?

This is the question for each new personal technology wave. Nearly always until technology got personal, it was function that won out. Mainframes, terminals, even the first couple decades of personal computers were ugly things that were focused on doing what they did best but didn’t exactly win beauty contests. Then Steve Jobs took Apple … continue reading

Microsoft and Motorola sign Android and Chrome patent deal

The deal between Microsoft and Motorola covers devices that run Android and Chrome OS … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Google’s three-year affair with Motorola

What did Google gain from Motorola? Turns out it’s a lot, if you consider the patents … continue reading

Mobile sales rule on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

SOASTA CEO Tom Lounibos talks about the mobile and tablet boom, and what companies did right and wrong during the rush … continue reading

From the Editors: And the developers shall lead them

Microsoft must do better by developers to get ahead in the market; thank heaven for activist judges in patent cases … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Oracle, Google, Motorola and patents

The fallout of Google’s lawsuit victory over Oracle. Should Google’s competitors be worried? … continue reading

Top five cool things to keep an eye on from CES

These new gadgets may be for consumers, but developers may want to pay attention to them for future opportunities … continue reading

Google’s Motorola Mobility buy could ease developer pain points

A standard for Android could eliminate some fragmentation, analyst says … continue reading Protection Status