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SmartBear Swagger Editor and UI, V8 6.1, and finding quality apps on Google Play — SD Times news digest: August 4, 2017

SmartBear Software’s new Swagger Editor and Swagger UI adds support for the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3.0, allowing users to design and document the most popular API tooling. As of last week, OAI (Open API Initiative) released a new version know as the OpenAPI Specification 3.0, which included major improvements like increased reusability, extended JSON Schema … continue reading

Guest View: Opportunity and consolidation in the API industry

APIs have been exploding in popularity as a new way to generate enterprise revenue. Huge companies like Salesforce, Expedia and eBay receive at least half of their total revenues through intelligent API utilization. Enterprises with public APIs saw 300% growth from 2014 to 2015. Companies are looking to take advantage of the API economy, and … continue reading

Google releases set of beta features in Google Cloud Endpoints

Google has announced the open beta release of a new set of features that will help developers manage their APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints, an API-management suite that runs on the Google Cloud Platform. The Google Cloud Endpoints suite lets developers deploy, protect and monitor APIs written in any language. Besides the Endpoints suite, Google … continue reading

SmartBear starts the Open API Initiative

APIs form the glue of most modern applications, and SmartBear wants to make sure that glue continues to stick. The company has announced the Open API Initiative (OAI), a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project designed to advance and govern the Swagger specification. “Swagger is considered one of the most popular frameworks for building APIs,” said Jim … continue reading Protection Status