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Scratch Blocks, Univa announces Navops Command, and Mozilla request to intervene denied—SD Times news digest: May 18, 2016

Young learners can now design and program creative interfaces with a new generation of graphical programming blocks, named Scratch Blocks. Google announced a collaboration with the MIT Media Lab’s Scratch Team, and released today an open-source developer preview of Scratch Blocks, which builds on the company’s Blockly technology. Scratch Blocks focuses on creating new software … continue reading

SD Times Blog: How Apple’s 3D Touch changes UIs

Apple introduces a number of new products this week, but behind all of them was the new 3D Touch technology. This UI paradigm adds a number of tap-types to the users’ retinue of touches and gestures, but what does it mean for developers? Al Hilwa, program director for software development research at IDC, said, “3D … continue reading

Researcher develops advanced computer vision technology

A researcher from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has developed a new artificial intelligent user interface designed to simplify the detection and analysis of images. While computer vision technology for images has been popping up more recently, this new UI allows users to visualize, navigate and manipulate visual media. The system was created … continue reading

SD Times Blog: New car UI reinvents automotive touchscreen functionality

UI designer Matthaeus Krenn has developed a new car UI that realigns the interface to wherever you put your fingers … continue reading Protection Status