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Typemock launches Isolator 9.1 for unit testing in .NET

Unit testing company Typemock has announced the release of the latest version of its unit testing solution for .NET: Isolator 9.1. This latest version includes support for .NET Core and .NET Framework. According to the company, this will help support companies working with both new and legacy code in their environment.  Isolator 9.1 also integrated … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Project Jupyter’s Award, the Windows Community Toolkit and Typemock’s Isolator++ for Linux

Project Jupyter has been awarded the 2017 ACM Software System Award. The award was given to fifteen members of the Jupyter steering council that have been with the team since November 2016, which was the date the project was nominated. Project Jupyter is designed to create open-source software, open standards and services for interactive computing. … continue reading

Typemock announces support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Basic.NET

Typemock, a leading provider of unit testing solutions, announced that it now supports Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft’s newest IDE, as well as testing code written in Visual Basic.NET. Visual Studio 2017 is the newest version of Microsoft’s popular development environment. Typemock’s latest release showcases its continuous product innovation and fast response to changes in the … continue reading

Unit testing for C/C++ is on the rise

Typemock: Unit testing for C/C++ is on the rise

Typemock’s Isolator++ solution is bringing unit testing to C/C++ programming languages. Isolator++ is one of the company’s unit testing solutions designed to enable developers to find and fix bugs. According to the company, over the past year interest in C++ unit testing has more than doubled with a substantial rise in Isolator++ users. “There was … continue reading

Typemock’s new feature uses artificial intelligence to solve unit testing challenges

The complexity and lengthy process of unit testing is a bit of a challenge to some developers, which is why Typemock has launched Isolator v8 for .NET developers. It features an artificial intelligence bot that generates suggestions to test the validity of the code as it’s written. Typemock has focused on making companies and developers … continue reading

Unit testing tool isolates code in Microsoft environments

Typemock Isolator 2010 can automate test setup code and can assist with writing tests … continue reading Protection Status