Typemock, a Tel Aviv-based unit testing software provider, announced the release of its new unit-testing tool, Isolator 2010, in May. By integrating into many Microsoft environments, such as Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0, SharePoint 2010, ASP.NET and Silverlight, the tool enables testers to isolate any bit of code and unit test without needing to rewrite the code.

Using “discoverable” APIs and an “intelligent completion tool” called Intellitest, which generates test setup code automatically, Isolator 2010 isolates code without any complex configuration and assists with unit test writing.

“Unit testing is very fragmented,” said Typemock CEO Eli Lopian, “and this is lifting the barrier of unit testing,” ultimately reducing time to market and developing costs. “There has also been a paradigm shift from helping developers design for testability to helping them design for productivity.”

Other features of Isolator 2010 include an IDE, along with debugging integration with support for SharePoint 2010 and all versions of Visual Studio and .NET. Isolator 2010’s server edition also allows for unit testing in Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server or any build server.

Pricing for Isolator 2010 starts at US$799 per perpetual license with a $150 option for 12 months of maintenance. The server edition is $2,499 for up to five virtual machines.