TARGIT, the company behind the market-leading business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform, today announced the launch of its Decision Suite 2015, which transforms businesses into truly data-driven organizations. Helping organizations optimize their business practices in an affordable and manageable way, the new TARGIT offering features several analytic BI innovations that power fast, efficient, and intelligent decision-making by delivering the right data to every employee.

Many companies who today analyze external data must use an external analytics tool in addition to their enterprise BI solution. TARGIT puts a stop to all the switching between tools. Decision Suite 2015 makes it possible to analyze external data against internal company data in a single, cohesive platform.

“After years of success with Decision Suite helping us to better meet business goals, we were eager to add [TARGIT’s external Data Discovery tool] to our toolbox to uncover and act on even greater data-driven insights,” said Niels Nybro Bolding, IS/ERP Manager at DANÆG. “Now, our teams here at DANÆG better understand how we can collectively best improve bottom line, and our customers are happier because we can meet their needs quicker and more efficiently than ever.”

Tapping the TARGIT Decision Suite for its advanced mobile BI capabilities, additional customers like Kvadrat, Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, have immediate access to consumable data for all decision-makers within the organization. Decision Suite 2015’s updated mobile BI client enhances the ability to reach users of all BI levels anywhere at any time with powerful, easily digestible dashboards. This results in quick responses and the ability to act on decisions faster than ever before.

“Our number one priority has always been to help our customers become data-driven organizations, without the stress or strain on internal resources that can often result from such a crucial cultural and operational shift,” says TARGIT CEO Morten Sandlykke. “Decision Suite 2015 caters to the dual demands of IT and business users through governed roll-out of enterprise data and provides anywhere access to rich analysis via smartphone or other mobile device, among other featured enhancements. By bringing BI and analytics to employees of every department, Decision Suite 2015 allows our customers to make intelligent decisions faster in order to drive impactful business results.”

TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 brings new features with four key areas of improved business value to the already best-in-class business intelligence platform:

  • Play it safe with improved data governance and enterprise user administration: A truly data-driven organization has set data free to decision-makers throughout the organization. Robust data governance is needed to ensure data is only ever seen by those who are meant to see it. TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 makes it easier and more secure than ever to enforce quality control of enterprise data, no matter how many users or roles have access. Enhanced enterprise management is especially critical when running large numbers of users and roles across the organization.
  • Fully integrated access to external data sources for new perspectives for every business user: With data volume continually expanding, decision-makers must be able to analyze their performance and company health against external factors. Using Decision Suite 2015, users can analyze not only Excel and other flat files not found within the data warehouse, but external data sources in one completely connected tool. Additionally, new data connections to big data sources are continuously added per users’ demands.
  • Insight is activated throughout the organization: Every organization has BI users who need to be informed, but don’t want to get bogged down in the details of the data. With average attention span now shorter than ever, data must be presented in a way that is not only visually engaging, but tells the story of the data in a way that can be processed by viewers in eight seconds or less. Dashboards and analyses are not one-size-fits-all. TARGIT Decision Suite makes is simpler for users to get the data they need in the format that works best for them with the lightweight client (TARGIT Anywhere) that delivers data to the everyday users from within the platforms they are already working in most.
  • Engaging new look and feel: Decision Suite 2015 introduces a number of new visualization options so the individual decision-maker can view their data in new ways. This ensures the information that is presented throughout companies is always easily comprehensible. A number of new usability enhancements, including the platform’s sleek, modern new look make it easier than ever to format dashboards and analyses for personal and company-wide consumption.