TechExcel Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, today announced DevSuite 9.3, the latest edition of its ALM platform with integrated Requirements, Quality and Agile Management. DevSuite 9.3 includes usability enhancements and performance improvements that enable companies to more effectively and efficiently manage requirements, development and QA processes.  With DevSuite 9.3, companies are able to deliver superior software products to market and their customers faster.

“We listened to our customers and enhanced DevSuite with features that make it even simpler to increase the quality, agility and efficiency of development lifecycle activities,” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “We are committed to supporting the success of our customers and the functionality introduced in the latest version of our ALM solution reinforces this commitment.”  

DevSuite was designed to streamline processes for both Agile and traditional development projects with “best of breed” functionality and a user interface optimized for ease of use and productivity.  New and enhanced features in DevSuite 9.3 that build on this foundation and delivering greater usability and performance include:

• Customizable User Experience: A new fully definable GUI (Graphic User Interface) enables organizations to completely customize their development environment based on project complexity and the needs of cross-functional teams.  With an easy-to-use point and click wizard, users can design custom workflows and rules; add custom fields and field values;create personal workspaces with defined access control; set color codes for different line items; and more.

• Improved Project Planning and Resource Management: DevSuite 9.3 now supports work assignments directly from requirements or the product backlog and the ability to prioritize tasks.  Users can also easily establish dependencies amongst tasks, stories, sprints, milestones and releases. Development teams can also view product roadmaps to plan release cycles and assign resources.

• Enhanced Reporting for Better Decision Making: Support for instant reports and analytics as well as unlimited custom reports for detailed reporting, DevSuite 9.3 enables single click access to project data analytics. Traceability reports now include additional project information for development and testing tasks providing greater traceability and promoting collaboration amongst teams.

• Expanded Support for Third Party Integrations: DevSuite now opens up its powerful requirements management capabilities to third party integration using RESTFul API’s.  DevSuite 9.3 also includes seamless two-way integration with MS Word. Users can leverage MS Word’s editing capabilities along with DevSuite’s requirements management functions to achieve verification and validation for all requirements in MS Word documents.

DevSuite consists of DevSpec, DevTrack, DevTest, and KnowledgeWise, TechExcel’s solution-wide repository for collaboration, information sharing, knowledge management, and process/work item tracking.  Available in hosted or on-premise deployment models, DevSuite is offered as an integrated suite or as individual components that allow organizations to build their ALM solution incrementally. For a detailed product description and live demonstration, visit