News Facts
• The latest release of the industry’s leading in-memory software solution, Terracotta 3.6, which includes BigMemory and Enterprise Ehcache, is available today.
• Put more data in memory; take less time tuning. This release lets IT departments use as much memory as they want, wherever they want. It also adds the ease and efficiency of Automatic Resource Control (ARC) to Terracotta’s robust in-memory software solution. Now it’s as easy as: 1) Set maximum available memory; 2) Let ARC dynamically allocate memory resources across data caches; and 3) Get optimal application performance with minimal effort.
• BigMemory allows organizations to max out the memory of the biggest servers on the market. With vendors such as Dell, HP, Oracle and IBM offering commodity servers that support a terabyte of RAM, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to scale up enterprise Java applications.  
• Automatic Resource Control (ARC) provides unprecedented control over memory resource use, without the cost of iterative tuning. Instead of trial-and-error cache sizing by element count, ARC provides memory-based cache sizing at both individual cache and grouped CacheManager levels. Dynamic allocation of memory across multiple caches, along with automatic load balancing, delivers maximum efficiency with minimal tuning.
• Open Source. ARC is available in the open source version of Ehcache as well as the commercial products Enterprise Ehcache and BigMemory. This advance not only makes caching easier and more efficient, it also underscores Terracotta’s commitment to continued investment in open source.

Market Context
• Why this release is important. Moving data into machine memory is a proven approach to improving application performance. As in-memory solutions have matured and the move to put more data in memory has accelerated, the need for tools that simplify the management of in-memory data has intensified.
• Why this is relevant NOW. Memory is becoming increasingly cheap—but has been difficult for applications to effectively tap into. Traditional application architectures are stressed by exploding data growth, server proliferation and new deployment models like cloud computing. In addition, IT teams are challenged by rising cost pressures and the need-it-now expectations of their customers.
• Why Terracotta is uniquely positioned. Terracotta is a leading provider of in-memory solutions and the company behind BigMemory and Ehcache, the standard cache for enterprise Java. With this release, Terracotta is delivering a feature—size-based cache control— that’s been highly requested by the Ehcache user community. Terracotta is extending its record of helping customers maximize their use of in-memory data and reduce their server counts. This release makes managing data and accessing memory resources in Java progressively easier and more effective.