The BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform is a complete solution for shift-left continuous testing. The platform includes UI functional testing, user experience testing, API testing and monitoring, performance testing, and virtual services. All capabilities are deeply integrated in an intuitive workflow designed for agile teams and provide robust support for popular open source tools. Delivered in SaaS with support for multiple clouds or private cloud, it is a powerful tool for delivering innovation with quality and speed. 

Mobile Labs: The company’s patented GigaFox is offered on-premises or hosted, and solves mobile device sharing and management challenges that arise during development, debugging, manual testing, and automated testing. A pre-installed and pre-configured Appium server with custom tools provides “instant on” Appium test automation. GigaFox enables scheduling, collaboration, user management, security, mobile DevOps, and continuous automated testing for mobility teams spread across the globe and can connect cloud devices to an industry-leading number of third-party tools such as XCode, Android Studio, and many commercial test automation tools. 

Cantata from QA Systems is a certified standards compliant automated unit and integration testing tool for embedded C/C++ code. Highly automated test case generation, code coverage, static metrics and requirements tracing are supplemented by architectural analysis and test status management with Test Architect and Team Reporting add-ons. Cantata is integrated with an extensive set of development toolchains, from cross-compilers and debuggers to ALM and continuous integration tools.

Quali’s CloudShell Colony helps organizations streamline effective application testing by providing development and testing teams with self-service access to automated test environments while delivering security, governance, and cost control. By removing error-prone manual inefficiencies and conflict-ridden static test environments, it creates a solid foundation for Continuous Testing and DevOps. Founded in 2007, Quali helps businesses accelerate innovation, improve quality, and control costs with on-demand access to automated application and infrastructure environment provisioning across any cloud.

Creating a clear testing path to DevOps takeoff
How do you help test in DevOps?

BMC AMI DevOps for Db2 accelerates the delivery of new and updated applications to the market. It comes with out-of-the box integration with Jenkins, an application development orchestration tool. This provides the power to automatically research database schema change requirements, streamline the review and approval process, and safely implement the database schema changes, making development and operations teams more agile. is modernizing penetration testing by building hacker-like testing into development cycles. Pentests are performed by a global team of vetted, highly-skilled professionals with deep domain expertise. offers the first of its kind, find-to-fix workflow that allows software companies to find and remediate vulnerabilities across an application portfolio, giving modern agile development teams the ability to do fast and frequent pentests and making development and security operations seamless with its integrations.

Eggplant enables companies to view their technology through the eyes of their users. The continuous, intelligent approach tests the end-to-end customer experience and investigates every possible user journey, providing unparalleled test coverage essential to DevOps success. Our technology taps AI and machine learning to test any technology on any device, operating system, or browser at any layer, from the UI to APIs to the database. 

GitLab helps delivery teams fully embrace continuous integration to automate building, packaging, and testing their code. GitLab’s industry-leading CI capabilities enable automated testing, Static Application Security Testing, Dynamic Application Security testing, and code quality analysis to provide fast feedback to developers and testers. With pipelines that support concurrent testing and parallel execution, teams get insight into every push, allowing them to deliver higher quality code faster.

HCL: AppScan is an automated application security testing and management tool. The company recently released version 10 of the solution, which features on securing DevOps. New features here include interactive application security testing capabilities that go beyond SAST, DAST and SCA; out-of-the-box integrations with DevOps toolchains, and a new plugin to help developers identify vulnerabilities in their dev environments. 

HPE Software’s automated testing solutions simplify software testing within fastmoving agile teams and for Continuous Integration scenarios. Integrated with DevOps tools and ALM solutions, HPE automated testing solutions keep quality at the center of today’s modern applications and hybrid infrastructures. 

IBM: Continuous Testing provides an end-to-end picture of how products react to new code. It does this early in the development lifecycle which gives Product teams confidence to push incremental code changes more frequently. IBM’s cloud-native Continuous Testing platform Rational Test Automation Server along with market leading Rational Test Workbench and Virtualization Server empowers teams to achieve this over a wide range of scenarios covering mobile, cloud, cognitive, mainframe and more with minimal coding

Micro Focus: Minimize risk and maximize user satisfaction by testing early, often, and at scale with Micro Focus’ industry-leading, integrated portfolio for continuous and comprehensive testing of web, mobile, and enterprise applications. With extensive technology support and AI-driven capabilities, you can test complex load, stress and performance scenarios, and implement resilient functional test automation throughout your entire DevOps pipeline. Our tools provide an end-to-end view of quality, with specific, actionable and timely feedback on your applications’ readiness status.

OverOps is a continuous reliability solution that helps companies prevent critical errors that are missed by testing and static analysis. Using OverOps teams can quickly identify and resolve critical software issues. Unlike static code, log analyzers and APMs that rely on foresight, OverOps analyzes your code at runtime to produce specialized data that tells when, where and why code breaks. OverOps runs in the cloud or on-premises with robust CI/CD integrations to ensure software reliability from testing into production. To learn more about why global organizations trust OverpOps visit   

Perfecto: Perfecto offers a cloud-based continuous testing platform that takes mobile and web testing to the next level. It features a: continuous quality lab with smart self-healing capabilities; test authoring, management, validations and debugging of even advanced and hard-to-test businesses scenarios; text execution simulations; and smart analysis. For mobile testing, users can test against more than 3,000 real devices, and web developers can boost their test portfolio with cross-browser testing in the cloud

Progress: Telerik Test Studio enables QA and SDET professionals to create functional, performance and load tests that work immediately. Patent-pending multi-sense discovery eliminates broken tests and technical debt that plague other testing solutions

QASymphony’s qTest is a Test Case Management solution that integrates with popular development tools. QASymphony offers qTest eXplorer for teams doing exploratory testing. 

Sauce Labs: With more than 3 billion tests run and counting, the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud is the only continuous testing platform that delivers a 360-degree view of your customers’ application experience. It ensures web and mobile applications look, function, and perform exactly as they should on every browser, OS, and device, every single time.

ShiftLeft Inspect is a next-generation static code analysis solution, purpose-built to insert security into developer workflows without slowing them down. It accomplishes this by scanning code as fast as the pull request or build with the accuracy required to share directly with developers, without manual triage. Its coverage extends beyond technical vulnerabilities to business logic flaws, data leakage, hard-coded literals and insider threats.  

At SmartBear, we focus on your one priority that never changes: quality. We know delivering quality software over and over is complicated. So our tools are built to streamline your process while seamlessly working with all the tools you use – and will use. Whether it’s Swagger, Cucumber, ReadyAPI, Zephyr, TestComplete, or more, our tools are easy to try, easy to buy, and easy to integrate. 

StackHawk makes it simple for developers to find, triage, and fix application security bugs. Scan your application for AppSec bugs in the code your team wrote, triage and fix with provided documentation, and automate in your pipeline to prevent future bugs from hitting prod.

Testlio is the leader in managed app testing. With robust client services, a global network of validated testers, and a comprehensive software platform, we provide a suite of flexible, scalable, and on-demand testing solutions. When apps must perform brilliantly, Testlio helps ensure world-class customer experiences. In any location. On any device. In any language.