Systems in production fail. Nodes go down, networks become inaccessible. Chaos engineering is the practice of intentionally failing production infrastructure to see how resilient the system is.

At this year’s ChaosConf, attendees will learn the how-to and benefits of failing parts of their infrastructure to see how their systems hold up, and to see where the weaknesses lie. This year’s event will be held Sept. 26 and 27 in San Francisco with a pre-conference Chaos Engineering Bootcamp on Sept. 25.

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Among the event keynotes is Kolton Andrus, founder of failure-as-a-service platform provider Gremlim and former chaos engineer at Netflix, where the Chaos Monkey was born. Also speaking will be Dave Rensin, senior director of engineering at Google, who advocates for the need for infrastructure failure injection in a cloud-based world; and Crystal Hirschorn, vice president of engineering and cloud platforms at Conde Nast.

“Chaos Conf 2018 was about convincing people why they should be doing Chaos Engineering. This year, the theme is ‘Breaking Through’ — it’s about how to get started and creating a community of support,” Adam LaGreca, director of communications at Gremlin. “There will be talks from pioneers of the discipline, sharing their expertise and war stories. It’s a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas.”

Registration for the event is now open; use the discount code SDTimes10 for a 10 percent discount on attending.