Test automation company mabl has announced that it is extending its testing platform to incorporate accessibility testing.

The new testing capabilities are now in beta and will enable teams to identify and resolve accessibility issues before they reach end users.

According to mabl, accessibility is more important than ever, both because of increased digital experiences and updated government regulations. The company said that while software is updated frequently, accessibility checks are often infrequent, even though functional tests are built into the development pipeline. 

“Accessibility is a critical area of quality, as well as an ethical concern that impacts every company – and particularly those with public-facing applications or websites,” said Dan Belcher, co-founder of mabl. “Mabl now empowers quality teams to lead the way in proactively mitigating accessibility issues long before they reach customers, resulting in a better user experience and avoiding costly defects.”

The new accessibility testing capabilities are built on axe-core, which is an accessibility testing engine. The capabilities are fully integrated into mabl’s test automation solution for web, email, PDF, and mobile web testing.

Mabl also noted that combining accessibility testing and actionable reporting will make it easier for development teams to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) versions 2.0 and 2.1.