Qualitest has announced the release of Qualisense, a new AI-powered software testing and QA toolkit. Qualisense is the next iteration of the company’s Qualisense Test Predictor service, and will be a standalone product. 

The new solution will leverage machine learning to optimize testing and quality delivery, remove bottlenecks, reduce the need for certain tests, help quality engineers be more efficient, and enhance risk-based testing protocols. According to the company, companies using Qualisense have seen a more than 6x increase in release velocity. 

“Testing was once something that was done at the end of the software development process, however with the advances in testing methodologies, we have been able to entrench it earlier within the process, making it more accurate, quicker, and more effective. Expanding the Qualisense toolkit will allow our clients to embrace best practice quality engineering, and ensure that Qualitest remains on the cutting-edge of software testing methodologies,” said Norm Merrit, CEO of Qualitest.

Other features include a simple UI with easy integration, ability to learn from test and data to improve accuracy, and tester/manager sentiment. 

More information is available here