Sauce Labs is looking to speed up software development with the release of a new testing solution. The company announced Sauce Headless, a cloud-based headless testing solution.

According to Sauce Labs, headless browsers are becoming more popular as an option for testing web-based apps. “A headless browser is a type of software that can access webpages but does not show them to the user and can pipe the content of the webpages to another program. Unlike a normal browser, nothing will appear on the screen when you start up a headless browser, since the programs run at the backend,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Similarly to normal browsers, headless browsers are able to parse and interpret webpages, the company explained. It is able to provide real-browser context without memory and speed compromises.

Sauce Headless is designed to give developers access to a lightweight cloud-based infrastructure, which will be useful when they run into high test volumes early in their development cycle, according to Sauce Labs. The solution is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers in a container-based infrastructure.

“The testing landscape has changed dramatically in the last year, thanks in large part to the movement to shift testing to earlier in the development pipeline,” said Lubos Parobek, VP of Product at Sauce Labs. “Catching bugs earlier reduces costs, improves quality and increases developer productivity. Sauce Headless is an exciting new offering that will allow developers to test on every commit.”

Sauce Headless is expected to be available to enterprise users as a public beta towards the beginning of next year.