SmartBear, provider of software development and visibility tools, announced a new tool that will help developers more easily discover visual bugs and defects so that they can deliver applications and websites with their intended look intact.

VisualTest utilizes AI in its regression testing to discover these visual errors. It also provides visibility into development components across the software development life cycle. 

It automatically takes screenshots of the application, compares it to previous versions, and highlights any visual changes that are present.

Because VisualTest makes use of AI, it is able to track several types of visual changes while ignoring false positives. 

According to SmartBear, existing visual testing methods are “unreliable, time consuming, and cumbersome to maintain,” and applying AI is necessary to solve these common problems. 

The new tool integrates with BitBar, which is SmartBear’s mobile and web testing tool. SmartBear believes that integration will help reduce the need to context switch when doing tests. 

In addition to being integrated with BitBar, VisualTest is compatible with Cypress, Selenium Python, and Selenium Java.