Endusersharepoint.com editor Mark Miller clearly touched on a nerve with his blog post last week, “Is SharePoint 2010 Relevant?” Mark was asking this from the standpoint of training: If, as anecdotal information suggests, people won’t be migrating off their MOSS 2007 installations any time soon, then how important is it for users to focus on the new software?

Well, lots of folks have weighed in on the issue (myself included), and as you would expect, there is no clear consensus. As chairman of SPTechCon, which in one short year has grown into the largest independent educational event for SharePoint, I put together a program that had sessions for those standing firm on 2007, as well as sessions for those gathering information to migrate to 2010. As I wrote in response to Mark’s post, feedback indicated we either didn’t have enough classes or had too many classes on both versions of the software.

To help clarify the issue from another perspective, SharePoint911’s Jennifer Mason contributes a thoughtful “Spotlight on 2010” piece in this issue, offering some guidance as to the right time to examine SharePoint 2010.

As always, we hope you find it useful, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. You can comment on the article on the SPTechBlog.

— David