ThoughtWorks Studios, a global leader in Agile ALM solutions, today announced Go 2.1, the latest edition of its Agile release management platform that allows organizations to incrementally automate their entire build, test and deployment processes, releasing software faster and more reliably. The latest version of Go focuses on helping IT organizations scale, integrate and better conduct complex release management initiatives that include numerous teams and multiple projects.

“Global distribution, poor collaboration and manual build, test and deployment processes mean expensive, risky, error-prone releases. You need to ship valuable new software fast and reliably to meet changing business goals – without compromising on quality,” said Jez Humble, ThoughtWorks Studios’ Principal Product Manager for Go and co-author of the breakthrough book, Continuous Delivery. “Customers that are building out and scaling release management and Continuous Delivery across the IT organization with Go now have improved visibility and coordination across multiple teams and projects within the enterprise.”

The Go Agile release management platform provides automation and collaboration for the “last mile” of the Agile ALM process. It enables Continuous Delivery by facilitating collaboration between developers, testers and IT operations in large-scale, distributed organizations. It manages large numbers of continuous integration, testing and production environments centrally, and enables push-button deployments of software with complete auditing and traceability. The resulting Continuous Delivery capabilities enable organizations to radically accelerate the value and return on IT investments.

New features included in Go 2.1 include:
• Enterprises can now delegate administration rights for individual Continuous Integration (CI) environments centrally.  This allows continuous integration (CI) to be provided as a service to teams, which reduces administrative overhead.
• Go improves collaboration and productivity as an OpenSocial provider, with a new pipeline gadget that will integrate with ThoughtWorks Studios forthcoming 3.3 release of Mingle, the agile project management solution.
• Teams can easily diagnose and trace test failures with commit and stack trace information in Go’s unique distributed test analysis reports.
• New communication features improve team visibility and coordination through easy Atom notification for all pipelines and automated email notifications for all test failures.
• Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

ThoughtWorks Studios’ Go helps drive Continuous Delivery by providing organizations with a standard platform to automate, manage and control the entire build, deploy and release processes. As described in the new book, Continuous Delivery (Addison-Wesley, Martin Fowler Signature Series, Jez Humble and Dave Farley), delivering software to users can be a painful, risky and time-consuming process. Continuous Delivery outlines the principles and technical practices that enable rapid, incremental delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality through the automation of the build, deployment and testing process.

Go 2.1 Availability
Go is available now as part of the Adaptive ALM platform from ThoughtWorks Studios. The Go Community edition is available as a free download from the ThoughtWorks Studios website, while the full-version, commercial Go Enterprise is available via license.