TIBCO Software Inc., a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software, today launched TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.2, a key component of TIBCO’s Fast Data platform. TIBCO’s enhanced solution drives business agility by enabling organizations to quickly build distributed event-driven applications for real-time operational decision-making and action.

TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.2 allows customers to build a rule-based, model-driven platform or application to collect, filter, correlate, and analyze events, leveraging a distributed rules engine to combine thousands of rules into actual processes. By detecting patterns within the real-time flow of events, TIBCO BusinessEvents can help an organization identify the critical business moments to capitalize on opportunities or minimize threats. Publishing business-critical information to enterprise systems, or dashboards in real time, enables users to visually see and understand what’s happening in the moment and facilitate proactive decision-making and instant action.

Major themes of the TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.2 release include:

  • Enhanced Ease of Use – TIBCO BusinessEvents makes challenging event processing problems — with distributed state management, complex state transition logic, and rules — easier to solve. New usability features are aimed at both IT developers and domain experts, and facilitate better collaboration.
  • Newer, More Open Ecosystem – Creating a unique algorithm to help run business decisions can provide tremendous value for other solutions and partners to leverage within their own companies. TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.2 contains a rich set of APIs so the customers can build UIs on their own, in a language their business understands, for easier rule modification. The platform can be embedded within applications to expose broader functionality, helping companies extract more value out of the same developer work and algorithms.
  • Enterprise-Class Platform for Fast Data – Data grid security is a critical requirement for enterprises that are moving toward digitalization. Version 5.2 enhances the ability to share real-time state and contextual data on common infrastructure platforms using data encryption and client authentication. With significantly improved security and authentication capabilities, TIBCO BusinessEvents also enables an external TIBCO ActiveSpaces in-memory data grid, improved reliability of fault tolerance, and functionality to connect directly to TIBCO FTL.

“With the rise of IoT and Fast Data, implementing an event processing platform to guide instant decision-making is more important than ever,” said Mark Palmer, senior vice president, integration and event processing, TIBCO. “TIBCO BusinessEvents helps organizations make more sense of the information gathered so they can generate insights and guidance to a degree that was never before possible. This helps businesses maintain agility, and through predictive modeling, make sense of future unforeseen developments as they may occur.”

Customer Testimonials
History has shown that enterprise customers using TIBCO BusinessEvents achieve better business outcomes:

  • “We are leveraging complex event processing when our customers are interacting with our website. We are displaying to the customer exactly what they want to see and exactly what our compliance requirements require us to display to that customer.” – Sanjay Saraf, CTO, Western Union
  • “One of our achievements in real-time operations was with our freight on-demand inspection program. Now we are able to push recommendations to the inspectors as the shipments are still inbound to a service center so they’re inspecting shipments most likely to generate additional revenue.” – Maja Tibbling, principle enterprise architect, Con-Way
  • “We’ve witnessed several positive outcomes from TIBCO BusinessEvents, including marked improvement in retaining customers and increased revenue per user.” – Simeon Iheukumere, head of IT service build, XL Axiata

Reinforced by TIBCO’s acquisition of StreamBase Systems, Inc. in 2013, use cases for the solution can be applied across a number of industries including retail, transportation, manufacturing, energy, and financial services, around rapid decision-making based on real-time and historical data streams and predictive models. Using TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.2 for Fast Data event processing ultimately helps organizations provide superior customer service, reduce cost and optimize resources, and generate revenue because they have better operational visibility and decision-making capabilities.

TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.2 is generally available now. For more information, visit www.tibco.com/event-processing-trial