Tokutek, the leader in high-performance and agile database storage engines, today announced TokuDB v6.5, the latest version of its flagship product. Optimized to extend the life of flash memory while improving compression, performance, and agility, TokuDB v6.5 helps MySQL database and storage administrators overcome the common constraints of space and longevity associated with flash.
Driven by Tokutek’s proprietary Fractal Tree indexes, a new data structure that performs up to two orders of magnitude faster than traditional B-Tree technology, TokuDB v6.5 delivers superlative read/write characteristics that intelligently aggregate and rebalance indexed data. With TokuDB v6.5, MySQL users realize the following benefits: 
• Stores 10x More Data – TokuDB delivers 10x compression without any performance degradation. Users can therefore take advantage of much greater amounts of available space without paying more for additional storage.
• Extends Wear Life – TokuDB’s proprietary Fractal Tree indexing writes fewer, larger blocks. This reduces the overall wear and more efficiently utilizes the FTL (Flash Translation Layer) to extend the life of flash memory by an order of magnitude for many applications.
• Delivers High Insertion Speed – TokuDB Fractal Tree indexes continue to expand database capacity with huge insertion rates and greater scalability. The latest release delivers an order of magnitude improvement in insertion performance over the competition for flash memory. It is ideal for applications that must simultaneously query and update large volumes of rapidly arriving data (e.g., clickstream analytics).
• Allows Hot Schema Changes – Hot column addition/deletion/rename/resize provides the ability to add/drop/change a column to a database without taking the database offline. Database administrators are free to redefine or add new fields with no downtime.

Social media monitoring company Swaylo relies on MySQL and TokuDB today to track and analyze activities on Facebook and Twitter and is moving to include other networks. “These social networks will continue to grow, as will the connections of people between them. So Swaylo’s database needs to handle billions of rows and beyond,” said Udi Nir, co-founder and vice president of engineering at Swaylo. “TokuDB is the only MySQL/NoSQL solution that allowed us to scale our write throughput in a cost effective way. It delivered a two orders of magnitude gain in write performance for MySQL. In addition, query time improved, dropping from hours to just minutes. We currently have replication on all of our instances, for both backup and read scale, and TokuDB is holding up quite well. We expect TokuDB v6.5 to provide us with additional headroom as we continue to expand.”
“TokuDB has a clever architecture for managing mixed read/write workloads,” said Curt Monash, president of Monash Research and editor of DBMS 2. “It will be interesting to see how that translates to solid-state storage.”
Today, database demands are driving flash to be deployed in more than half of all datacenters. TokuDB continues to be the ideal choice for complex high-volume applications that require fast response time and that must simultaneously store and query large volumes of rapidly arriving data. These include social networking applications, real-time clickstream analysis, logfile analysis, eCommerce Personalization, and high-speed webcrawling applications. TokuDB is fully compatible with MySQL and MariaDB