The software component vendor Text Control announced the immediate availability of its latest version X13 for all platforms including ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and ActiveX.

The ASP.NET product received an MVC version of the HTML5-based, WYSIWYG rich text document editor and reporting template designer. This version allows ASP.NET developers to integrate a fully featured, MS Word compatible word processing interface into their cross-browser web applications without any plug-ins or client-side footprint. The required client-side MVC references and files are available through an easy-to-use NuGet package.

MS Word compatible drawings and shapes have been introduced to all .NET products of TX Text Control. Shapes can be added as single objects into TX Text Control and can be completely edited using the ribbon interface, a ready-to-use dialog box and programmatically using the TX Text Control API.

The reporting framework, that is included in all .NET based TX Text Control products, contains a new merge block concept that makes the handling inside the template designer more intuitive and fault tolerant. Merge blocks are mainly used to repeat content bound to a data table. TX Text Control makes it very easy for non-developers to create templates, only with MS Word skills.

TX Text Control X13 provides new dialog boxes to insert symbol characters, hyperlinks and bookmarks. Additionally, a Goto dialog has been implemented to jump directly to pages, sections, tables, lines or bookmarks.

More information can be found at the dedicated website: