Typemock, the unit testing company, has announced a partnership with DevTools, the foremost software reseller in India. The collaboration will bring Typemock’s leading Agile solution, Isolator, to the growing Indian development sector.

Typemock was created in 2005 to help programmers become agile through easy unit testing. Typemock’s mission of providing code integrity has helped thousands of users to speed up development cycles, create application confidence, reduce bug fix time, and deliver value faster. This is achieved using Typemock Suggest, an artificial intelligence platform that generates suggestions to test the validity of code as it’s written. This powerful feature is the first of its kind to use static and dynamic analysis to suggest code that covers the parts and logic of any pre-existing code that does not have unit testing.

DevTools, which began operating in 2011, is already a leader in the Indian software market. It promotes some of the world’s top quality tools and solutions to clients throughout India. DevTools currently serves more than 300 corporate customers with a product portfolio that expands to top-line third-party products like IBM Bluemix, Unicom, Serena Software and Smartbear. DevTools has opened the market to highly valuable tools from international firms through a network of industry connections from around the globe. They enable businesses in India to directly choose the products they want in their research and development centers — formerly a decision made by CIOs outside of the country.

Keshav Prakash, founder and CEO of DevTools, said “Typemock will fill a specific, but important need in the Indian market. The game-changing Typemock Suggest feature is especially appealing to developers. Typemock is the leader in the field of AI unit testing and we are excited to add their product to our expanding partner ecosystem.”

“DevTools is our reliable partner in India,” said Eli Lopian, founder and CEO of Typemock. “As a result of the work of companies like DevTools, Typemock has seen an increase in website traffic and sales from India. We have no doubt that this partnership will provide huge potential for growth of both companies in the untapped Indian market.”