Typemock, the leading provider and pioneer of easy unit testing solutions, announced today the launch of Isolator ++ aimed towards the game development industry. Isolator ++ is the first isolation framework that allows game developers to conduct easy unit testing for C++ code.
As opposed to other unit testing solutions that require many sections of code to be modified in order to test it, Isolator ++ allows the user to mock any part of the code without any alterations. The launch of Isolator ++ demonstrates Typemock’s ability to now offer solutions for easy unit testing for windows C++ developers in addition to .Net.
Isolator++ enables testing of any C/ C++ code (including complex code such as statics, globals and non virtual method) by allowing the user to intercept and fake their behaviours. The user can write tests with minimal lines of code, a major improvement on other frameworks which require multiple lines to make effective readable tests. The API is specifically designed to make tests more concise, more resistant to production code changes and easier to understand for new users. Isolator ++ works with all testing frameworks including Google Test and UnitTest++.
“In the competitive world of game development, which is one of the most complex systems, there is an obvious need for an easy solution for C++ unit testing. Due to the competitive nature of the market we felt that Game Developers should be able to benefit from solutions which enable agile and easy test driven development. Isolator ++ will help minimise the costs of development and ensure that your product will get to market faster”, commented Eli Lopian Typemock‘s founder and CEO.