ConnectALL announced the release of 2.10 with new features and enhancements designed to extend its value stream management (VSM) offerings. The latest release includes a new value stream empowerment tool: the Value Stream Visualizer, which enables users to generate a complete map of their value stream, as well as extended lean metrics, and a new user interface.

According to the company, the Value Stream Visualizer generates an interactive diagram that traces the path of each integration mapped within ConnectALL, as well as additional elements and connections to provide real-time visibility into the entire software value stream. 

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The company’s VSM offerings also includes Value Stream Insights, which captures observable activities and metrics such as process time, cycle time, lead time, flow time, wait time, value added time, MTTR, escaped defect ratio, WIP, blocker data, queues, throughput and production impact to provide actionable data. 

Other components of the ConnectALL VSM include its Universal Adapter, which extends its native capabilities, enabling users to establish an unlimited number of integrations with any third-party tool and experience the same bi-directional synchronization of project-related data and actions available in existing ConnectALL vendor adapters. Additionally, the Database Adapter allows ConnectALL to aggregate data in any database. 

 “With this latest release, ConnectALL is empowering the real drivers of VSM – humans – to automate their entire value stream, as well as gain unprecedented visibility with granular insight into activities at every level and stage of the process,” said Lance Knight the COO of ConnectALL. “The Universal Adapter and Visualizer, in tandem with the lean metrics that flow from the ConnectALL solution, enable companies to radically streamline the efficiency of their software delivery pipeline.”

In addition, the company announced a new website,, a free platform for value stream mapping and delivery. Users can configure and map their value stream, and then download that map to drive more efficient and agile value stream integration within their organization and provide a structure for tracking improvement, according to ConnectAll.