WANdisco, a leading provider of high-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed software development, announced the next release of Git MultiSite, the company’s performance, scalability and continuous availability solution that provides LAN-speed Git access and collaboration to developers everywhere, even across a WAN. The new features further simplify configuration and administration, enforce policies across the global enterprise, and enhance performance and security.

The key new features of Git MultiSite 1.2, which provides developers at every location with LAN-speed Git access and collaboration, include centralized management and replicated configuration settings for simplified administration, and enhanced security across multiple sites. In addition, Git MultiSite 1.2 integrates seamlessly with common ALM toolsets with enhanced support for distributed notification mechanisms. These features alleviate administrative burdens and boost security for global enterprises looking to streamline their source control management systems.

The new release also enables easy integration with WANdisco Git Access Control for further security and simplicity. Git Access Control protects valuable intellectual property by providing granular access control with enterprise-grade authorization and audit capabilities, providing a complete audit trail, including user ID, date/time stamp, and command used.

“Large enterprises are using Git for faster, more agile and collaborative development,” said Jay Lyman, senior analyst for enterprise software at 451 Research. “However, sometimes tools like these add tremendous complexity, so managers and administrators appreciate the centralized management and seamless integration capabilities provided by solutions like WANdisco Git MultiSite, and this is key for global enterprises.”

“Git MultiSite provides enterprises with global disaster recovery and 100% uptime for Git,” said David Richards,” said David Richards, WANdisco Chairman and CEO. “Git MultiSite 1.2 adds features that further enhance performance, manageability, and security for enterprises that value their data and appreciate the ability to maximize their source code management systems.”

About Git MultiSite

Git MultiSite uses WANdisco’s patented replication technology to provide LAN-speed Git access and collaboration to developers everywhere, even across a WAN. It eliminates the single-point-of-failure, scalability, and performance bottlenecks of a shared Git repository, allowing enterprises to realize the true promise of distributed version control. With Git MultiSite, all fully writeable replicas of the Git repository servers are peers, providing global disaster recovery, delivering optimal performance, and eliminating downtime for planned and unplanned outages.


Git MultiSite 1.2 will be available in 30 days. Visit here for a free evaluation.