AppDynamics, the leading application intelligence company, today announced that its Application Intelligence Platform will support applications designed for the new Apple Watch. This includes real-time monitoring and analytics support for the WatchKit extension that controls the Apple Watch’s user interface and responses to user interactions.

With the tools available in the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, developers and app owners will be able to see and understand the performance of their Apple Watch-enabled apps, the WatchKit extension, and the end-to-end user experience. Key metrics including app latency, crashes, stalls, errors, and other performance measures will be captured. A full arsenal of custom metrics are available as well, providing a wealth of interaction and performance data, such as how the watch is being used to interact with the app, round trip time for data traveling between the iPhone and watch, timers to measure user behavior, and more.

The wearables market is projected to grow quickly, and the need to monitor and manage the apps and huge variety of data on these devices has reached a critical point. Statista projects wearables sales to be over $7 billion in 2015, growing in the neighborhood of $1.5 billion per year through 2018. Strategy Analytics is projecting Apple Watch sales of 15 million units this year. IDC is projecting compound annual growth of nearly 80 percent for wearables from 2014 through 2018.

“The Apple Watch is the most visible manifestation yet of the pending growth of connected devices,” says Julie Craig, research director for application management at EMA, a leading IT analyst firm. “In our homes, our cars, on our person, and in our workplaces, the web of connectivity is going to be pervasive. AppDynamics is demonstrating through its support of the Apple Watch that it is ideally positioned to serve the providers and the broader Internet of Things opportunity.”

AppDynamics’ gives real-time visibility not just into the front-end processes on the iPhone and Apple Watch, but all the way across the network and into the backend application infrastructure, whether that’s in a private data center, the cloud or both. This end-to-end visibility enables issues that impact user experience to be pinpointed wherever they happen — between the iPhone and Apple Watch, across the wireless network, or in a backend database.

“Although highly anticipated, this is one of most exciting connected device announcements to date, and the ecosystem of applications and innovation that is now being sparked is phenomenal,” says Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product management for AppDynamics. “AppDynamics gives full visibility into the performance of the WatchKit extension, which Apple calls ‘the brains of the operation.’ When the extension code is performing well, you know your app is performing well on the Apple Watch. The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform provides a host of ways for application owners to see, measure, and respond to the behavior of the user, the application, and the Apple Watch extension.”

“What’s happening in a distant data center in the cloud can dramatically affect the performance of the Apple Watch on the user’s wrist,” Sunkara says. “And if there’s a problem, the app is going to get blamed, because that’s what the user is looking at. That’s why it’s critical to have visibility into the entire distributed, service-oriented, application ecosystem — as AppDynamics does — to deliver the optimum user experience. If a ‘glance’ interaction takes ten seconds to complete, that could end up turning the user away from the application for good.”

AppDynamics’ effortless incorporation of the Apple WatchKit extension into its performance monitoring and analytics solutions is evidence of its readiness to ensure that the world of connected devices works as intended, while minimizing the dangers of unintended consequences from software malfunctions.

The AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform is a comprehensive software solution enabling companies to maximize business performance. The platform embraces three core principles:

  • See everything with Unified Monitoring. AppDynamics enables an integrated view of real-time user experience, application performance, and infrastructure capacity.
  • Act fast with BizDevOps Collaboration that unites teams through a shared, unified view of data for faster, more effective decision making and problem resolution — in production.
  • Know the business impact with Application Analytics. AppDynamics enables deep real-time analytics to help businesses make better decisions, and create bigger impact — all with certainty and confidence.

The platform is designed and architected to give business users the certainty that their business is running at its best, to give IT the operational visibility and control it needs, and to give end users the great experiences they’ve come to expect and demand.