The Angular team has announced a major version of the web framework. Angular 10 covers the entire platform, framework, Angular Material and CLI. 

Traditionally, the team releases two major versions every year to coincide with the JavaScript ecosystem and provide a predictable schedule for developers. Angular 9 was just released 4 months ago, and the team is already looking to release Angular 11 in the fall. 

Key features of the release include:

  • New data range picker
  • Warnings about CommonJS imports that can slow down large applications
  • Optional stricter settings that can improve maintainability, help catch bugs, and enable advanced optimizations
  • TypeScript 3.9
  • TSLib 2.0
  • TSLint 6
  • New default browser configuration

In addition, the team revealed an increased investment with the community. For instance, the team has decreased its open issue count by more than 700 issues, and addressed more than 2,000 issues in the last three weeks. 

Angular 10 also deprecates and removes a number of features such as the Angular Package Format no longer includes ESM5 or DESM5 bundles, and support for older browsers like IE 9, 10 and Internet Explorer Mobile are being deprecated. 

More information about the release and how to update is available here.