Google is giving web developers a place to learn, create and solve problems on the web with the launch of The company announced the website at the Chrome Dev Summit in San Francisco earlier this week. provides actionable guidance and analysis for developers to test their sites and apps or start learning how they can improve them. Some learning areas include fast load times, network resilience, security, discoverability and accessibility.

“ was borne of a belief that if we make high quality experiences easy to build, it will enable more meaningful engagement on the web—for users and developers alike. Simply put, we realized the only way the web gets better is if we help the people building it succeed,” the company wrote on its website.

For improving websites and apps, uses Google’s Lighthouse to run diagnostics and understand how and where to start improving. It includes audits for performance, accessibility and progressive web apps, the company explained.

According to Google, a web experience should:

  • Reach users by being discoverable
  • Retain users by being reliable
  • Engage users with fast and smooth experiences
  • Convert audience to loyal users with meaningful capabilities.

“If you want to learn how to build on the web, or how to build on the web better, you’ve come to the right place. A basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS is all you need to get started using the tools and guidance on,” the company wrote.