A group of women working with SharePoint have come together under the “Women in SharePoint” banner, focusing on outreach to others working in the space and on mentoring. Karuana Gatimu, treasurer of the newly formed organization (its www.womeninsharepoint.org website is still under construction), said part of the mission is to show that women aren’t simply designers or trainers. “There are developers and architects, women in roles that have been seen as traditionally male.”

Meanwhile, they’re working with men on the mentoring side to gain the benefit of their knowledge and experience. After an earlier effort “went down in flames,” as Gatimu described it, such “smart, talented women” as chairman Becky Isserman (mosslover on Twitter), vice chair Kathryn Birstein (kbirstein), communications director Cathy Dew and secretary Lori Gowin picked up the ball and are running with it. The group is focusing on outreach, Gatimu said, because “there are so many areas of SharePoint to become proficient in, and we want to put out an image of professionalism and be positive role models. We [women] need to stick together.”

The group can be reached via e-mail at womeninsharepoint@live.com, or followed on Twitter at @womeninsp.

— David