BlackBerry will be toast. Android will spork. Amazon will rule the cloud. Agile will be hybrid. And OSGi will remain obscure.

Those are a few of the SD Times editorial predictions for 2012. Let’s look at the full list.

• Microsoft will buy a phone manufacturer, perhaps Nokia, in its battle to take market share away from Apple’s iPhone and the newly Motorola-enhanced Google. Third-party phone makers, like HTC and Samsung, will continue to focus on Android.

• Microsoft will back off from the Metro UI in Windows 8 in the face of poor reviews and a lack of big-customer enthusiasm. Windows 8 will still focus on touch, but will look more like Windows 7.

• RIM will become marginalized as a niche player targeting specific vertical industries and international markets. Don’t worry, if things get sufficiently bad for RIM, Hewlett-Packard will buy it.

• Apple will survive the loss of its iconic leader, Steve Jobs, and will branch out into new markets, like television. Mac OS X will come to resemble iOS, which will annoy existing customers but delight new ones.

• Another million words will be written about the Cloud, but adoption will not change significantly. Amazon will still continue to dominate the public cloud, and will make strong headway into the private cloud.

• Hewlett-Packard will end 2012 in continued disarray, and despite making high-profile acquisitions, will still lack a coherent software strategy.

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