BlackBerry will be toast. Android will spork. Amazon will rule the cloud. Agile will be hybrid. And OSGi will remain obscure.

Those are a few of the SD Times editorial predictions for 2012. Let’s look at the full list.

• Microsoft will buy a phone manufacturer, perhaps Nokia, in its battle to take market share away from Apple’s iPhone and the newly Motorola-enhanced Google. Third-party phone makers, like HTC and Samsung, will continue to focus on Android.

• Microsoft will back off from the Metro UI in Windows 8 in the face of poor reviews and a lack of big-customer enthusiasm. Windows 8 will still focus on touch, but will look more like Windows 7.

• RIM will become marginalized as a niche player targeting specific vertical industries and international markets. Don’t worry, if things get sufficiently bad for RIM, Hewlett-Packard will buy it.

• Apple will survive the loss of its iconic leader, Steve Jobs, and will branch out into new markets, like television. Mac OS X will come to resemble iOS, which will annoy existing customers but delight new ones.

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