Kirkland, WA —GrapeCity today announced that ActiveReports Server, a 100% Web-based ad hoc reporting solution for business users, is seeing success in adoption by healthcare and finance companies.
Healthcare Providers Empowering Business Users for Reporting
The early success of ActiveReports Server with clinical solution providers and tissue bank organizations confirms the increasing use of ad hoc reporting and BI in the healthcare industry. These companies want reporting tools that are better and easier for business users compared to legacy reporting tools that were designed for use by technical users.
Moreover, while “canned” reports, which convey patient diagnosis and medication information are useful, healthcare providers are looking for ad hoc reports that organize medical data, clinical visit information, and claims and billing information into visually comprehensible charts and graphs, all within a unified, business-user-friendly reporting interface.
Financial Organizations Seeking Better Ways to Understand Data
ActiveReports Server’s early customers also include financial services organizations that use data visualizations and ad hoc reports to learn more about their customers in real time. Data visualizations can give decision-makers at the institution an opportunity to interpret data through charts and graphs, making it easier to understand.
Transparency is important for financial services firms, so companies are adopting web-based reporting solutions like ActiveReports Server. This gives investors the ability to access ad hoc reports on fund data, portfolio analysis, documents, graphs and other components of their investments. ActiveReports Server also allows fund managers and administrators to give their clients access to information in real time.