Bridgecrew, the cloud security company, today announced the launch of Smart Fixes, which work as fix suggestions for IaC policy violations sourced directly from code. 

Bridgecrew’s Smart Fixes work by automatically tracking code changes that fixed a policy violation and if the same code change is used frequently, Smart Fixes will suggest that change for future violations of that policy. Additionally, the algorithm works to reduce noise and distractions by only making suggestions if the code change occurred more than three times.

GrapeCity releases ComponentOne 2021 v3

GrapeCity, provider of enterprise software development tools, today announced its final major software release of the year, ComponentOne 2021 v3. The highlights of the release include support for .NET 6, Visual Studio 2022, the WinUI development platform, and more.

ComponentOne WinUI Edition is a native library for Windows desktop applications built on the WinUI3 framework. This brings users new features such as a powerful datagrid with cell customization and high-performance visualization. 

Additionally, in the 2021 v3 release, the ComponentOne team changed all .NET 5 controls to .NET 6 as well as released .NET 6 versions of TrueDbGrid, GanttView, FontPicker, and Scheduler. 

BellSoft presents Liberica Administration Center

BellSoft, a contributor to OpenJDK development, today announced the Liberica Administration Center (LAC) in order to simplify Java runtime management within an organization. LAC brings users a single dashboard for enterprise administration of all Java runtimes.

LAC’s dashboard covers several essential points, including 

  • Comprehensive monitoring of all Java runtimes within the organization
  • Summary of the above information in different report formats 
  • Management of all Java runtimes from one window, with multiple options of automated tasks 
  • Licensing and security control 
  • User friendly interface
  • Management of timely updates from a single application 
  • Protection of data with a system of notifications and alerts to possible security issues with suggested solutions 
  • Compatibility with Windows 7+ for desktops and Cloud