GrapeCity, provider of enterprise software development tools, today announced ComponentOne 2023 v1, the company’s first major software release of the year. 

With this, users gain a new multi-column combobox for the WinForms edition, new gauges for the WPF edition, GeoJSON support added to maps for WinForms and WPF, and FlexGrid improvements.

C1MultiColumnCombo, the multi-column dropdown control, offers users support for data binding, searching, filtering, highlighting, selection, and data sorting. The control is a .NET 6 library, but it functions in both .NET 6 and 7 applications.

The 2023 v1 release also allows WinForms and WPF developers to add shapes on maps utilizing GeoJSON files. 

According to the company, the GeoJSON capabilities include points that let .NET developers add addresses and locations, line strings representing streets, boundaries, polygons that mark the political borders of countries, and provinces. 

Additionally, the ComponentOne team has rewritten the WPF gauges library and built new controls for .NET 6 which are geared towards providing easier to use, cleaner, and more modern designs.

The C1.WPF.Gauge library offers users three components for general horizontal, vertical, curved, and bullet graph gauges, with ranges and values that are displayed automatically. 

“In this release we managed to add end-user and performance enhancements for FlexGrid across every .NET platform so no matter what kind of apps you are building, ComponentOne datagrids have you covered, ” said Greg Lutz, product manager for the 2023 v1 release.