Enterprise software development company GrapeCity has recently announced its first major release of 2023, ActiveReportsJS v4. This release brings users new capabilities and improvements geared at providing a better product experience for developers, report authors, and application end-users.

With ActiveReportsJS v4, JavaScript developers’ design toolkit has been upgraded to give them access to more intuitive and dynamic reports. 

Support for front-end frameworks has also been added, allowing JavaScript developers to build React or Vue projects that use the React Report Viewer and Designer or the Vue Report Viewer and Designer with Vite v2 or v3. 

Programmers can also use ActiveReportsJS’s React Report Viewer and Designer in Next.js v13 projects. The company stated that the components only work on the client side and need to be loaded dynamically to have the best experience. 

“With the release of ActiveReportsJS v4, we continue to support developers of all environments by adding Svelte, Next.js, Nuxt.js, and Vite.js to our list of supported frameworks, as well as adding several new features to the designer and viewer,” said Joel Parks, junior product manager at GrapeCity.

The continuous page layout has also been updated to support multiple sections, each with its own page size, orientation, and margins. With this, JavaScript developers can integrate multiple types of content into a single report.

Lastly, ActiveReportJS’s list data region can now be configured to offer a grid-like representation of data using advanced layout options.

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