A gude to low-code offerings
Adobe: Adobe Muse CC is a Web-design software tool, available through Adobe Creative Cloud, for creating and publishing custom websites for desktop and mobile devices that meet the latest Web standards, without writing code. The latest updates to Muse include instant access to premium fonts from Typekit, integration with images from Adobe Stock, and updates coming soon that will add free-form responsive design capabilities for dynamic scaling designs for any size screen, browser or device, without code or restrictive templates.

Alpha Software: Alpha Software products deliver significant productivity gains to developers of all levels building cross-platform mobile and Web business apps. Alpha Anywhere is a front-end and back-end, low-code, rapid mobile application development and deployment environment. Alpha Anywhere applications showcase built-in offline capability, extensive data integration and advanced security. Developers and business leaders in thousands of organizations across a hundred countries have used Alpha Software products to cost-effectively deploy enterprise applications with outstanding user experiences.

Appcelerator: The Appcelerator Platform provides low-code solutions for both client (app) and back-end (API) mobile development. App Designer enables drag-and-drop creation of native, cross-platform mobile apps. Arrow Builder delivers mobile-optimized, fully documented APIs for any data source via a visual design wizard. Both capabilities work bi-directionally, meaning that users can switch between visual or programmatic development, with both source code and designs kept automatically in sync.

AppGyver: Composer 2 is an end-to-end visual builder for creating smart apps around business data. Building apps is simple: import data, visually create the UI from interactive features, select smart rules to automate tasks, then publish and distribute. The platform also offers the option to expand resulting apps with custom HTML5 modules, cloud code and custom data connectors. Composer 2 is cloud-based and completely free to start using.

App Press: App Press is a Web-based mobile authoring solution used to create, deploy and manage apps. It offers a service that makes code-free, cross-platform mobile app development as easy as maintaining a website. With a range of plans for individuals to enterprises, App Press helps customers tell their mobile story.

Intuit: QuickBase offers the only low-code platform purpose-built for Citizen Development. The modern Rapid Application Development platform empowers front-line business stakeholders to initiate and self-develop no-code applications to help drive business efficiency and agility within their organizations. QuickBase helps unify IT and business users to optimize the application development and delivery processes while offering citizen developers the freedom to build and innovate new applications with a right-sized level of governance required by IT.

iRise: iRise takes a unique approach to product definition and delivery. Its platform combines text requirements and user stories with interactive prototyping and code generation. This allows developers and stakeholders to experience, test and validate what was built to ensure the best solution. iRise also integrates with the leading ALM tools, so the requirements-management process is end-to-end. And when it comes time to develop, developers can generate code to jump-start the process. The development team also has the hi-fidelity prototype to reference as a “blueprint” for what to build. The end result is better software produced in less time.

KeyedIn: The KeyedIn Konfigure aPaaS uses a simple drag-and-drop environment that enables users to create forms and data models quickly and efficiently to develop enterprise-level applications. Konfigure automatically builds databases, interfaces and relationships, and users can create workflow steps to automate processes, manage tasks and add business rules to applications. Once created, custom applications are quickly deployed to the cloud with no need to manage servers or upload files.

Mendix: Mendix helps organizations drive digital innovation through a bimodal IT strategy. Its unified application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) empowers customers to bring new digital products to market, delight online users, educate global populations, and reinvent themselves by developing and deploying applications at the speed of ideas. Mendix’s application platform uses visual models to abstract away from technical details so that users can focus on Rapid Application Development and delivery.