The Eclipse Foundation has created new Mylyn sub-projects covering key ALM integration categories to help the integration framework keep pace with the needs of organizations adopting agile practices, the group announced today.

The new projects, which will be under new leadership from participating companies or open-source groups, include Task for change and defect management and agile practices; SCM for integrating source code management; Build, with new APIs for integration with build management and continuous tools; and Review, with new APIs for code review, according to Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop Technologies, which builds a commercial implementation of Mylyn. Kersten was one of the creators of Mylyn.

The new leadership of the sub-projects will bring diversity to the framework, Kersten said. “For example, Perforce has SCM functionality above and beyond CVS and Subversion,” he said. “They will push Mylyn to support the broader functionality of their tool.”

Further, Mylyn will collaborate integrations under the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) Web services standard for ALM, on which Tasktop collaborated with IBM. “Any servers that support OSLC will integrate automatically with Mylyn,” Kersten said.

Each of the new sub-projects has a reference implementation, Kersten said. For Task, it’s Bugzilla and Trac; for Team, it’s CVS, Git and Subversion; for Build, it’s the open-source Hudson project; for Review, any supported SCM and CM servers will work, such as IBM Rational ClearQuest and Perforce, for example.

“Mylyn now supports nearly all of the popular ALM tools used by Eclipse users,” Mike Milinkovich, said executive director of the Eclipse Foundation in a statement.