Also, 89% of the respondents said they develop or test Web applications in mobile browsers, while 53% indicated they’re testing mobile apps.

A full 80% of respondents said cross-browser testing for Web applications is very important, while 20% said it is somewhat important. “Zero [people] said this testing was not important,” said Hagglund.

Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are the platforms against which most applications are tested, the study found, and some three-quarters of the respondents believed that testing against more versions of browsers and/or browser types would increase the quality of their application. Forty-three percent said they only test against the most recent version of a browser, while 37% test against two or three of the most recent versions, and 20% test against four or more versions.

One interesting finding: Only 45% of respondents have fully discontinued support for applications running on Windows XP. Nineteen percent indicated they support their customers on XP, including new features and capabilities, while 31% said they only fix serious bugs. This, after Microsoft announced it would no longer support the operating system as of April 2014.