A new artificial intelligence investment fund has been formed designed to build AI companies from scratch. Andrew Ng, the co-founder of online education platform Coursera and founding lead of Google Brain, has announced the formation of AI Fund with $175 million raised.

“As with any societal transformation, the transition toward AI will be jarring for some. It is an urgent societal problem to address the impact of AI and automation on jobs,” Ng wrote in a blog post. “My team is continuing to invest heavily in global training programs. I want to make sure every person can gain the skills needed to thrive in the AI economy, and every person has a shot at meaningful work.”

GitHub adds co-authors
GitHub has announced the addition of co-authors. This will enable users to see who has contributed to every commit, as well as provide multiple commit authors.

“With faster onboarding for junior developers, increased code quality, and more thorough code review, it’s easy to see why more developers than ever are writing code collaboratively. Your team’s (and our own) great results from social coding motivated us to popularize the pull request—and more recently—bring real-time collaboration to your text editor with Teletype for Atom,” the team wrote in a post.

Axway announces new partnership for API security
Axway had announced a global partnership with Elastic Beam, a Silicon Valley-based company that uses AI algorithms to protect APIs. Both companies intend to help organizations provide API security and ecosystem engagement. The companies plan to combine the Elastic Beam Solution with Axway AMPLIFY API Management in order to secure digital assets.

“We are witnessing an influx of API attacks globally and most go undetected as organizations are still wrestling with this new set of threats. In fact, many household brands have had to apologize for well-publicized attacks that used their APIs to steal private consumer information,” said Bernard Harguindeguy, CEO, Elastic Beam. “Elastic Beam is pleased that we can work with an established API management industry leader like Axway to protect against a broad range of API cybersecurity attacks that global organizations are constantly fighting.”

Microsoft acquires PlayFab for Azure
Microsoft has announced the acquisition of PlayFab, a back-end platform that builds, launches, and grows cloud-connected games. The platform allows developers to build and operate games through the cloud as well as analyze game data and improve gaming experiences.

“Incorporating PlayFab’s experience, growing network of game developers and powerful gaming-as-a-service platform into our product offering is an important step forward for gaming at Microsoft,” said Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president of gaming at Microsoft in a blog post. “Together, Azure and PlayFab will further unlock the power of the intelligent cloud for the gaming industry, enabling game developers and delighting gamers around the world.”

GitLab acquires Gemnasium
GitLab has announced the acquisition of Gemnasium, a application monitoring provider. Gemnasium’s platform alerts developers of vulnerabilities in open source libraries, and helps them resolve the issues. In the coming weeks, Gemnasium will shut down its operations and the team will move to GitLab.

“GitLab’s vision is to provide best-in-class tools for the complete DevOps lifecycle in a single application,” said Sid Sijbrandij, CEO of GitLab, in an announcement. “Gemnasium is the best dependency monitoring solution on the market, and we are excited to be making its team part of the GitLab experience.”