Tasktop yesterday announced the release of Tasktop Enterprise 2.0, which features Tasktop Task Federation, an integration that allows for bidirectional synchronization of tasks, repositories and changes across a variety of application life-cycle management solutions, according to Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop and creator of the open-source Eclipse Mylyn project.

“Getting all tools [from one vendor is] no longer available; multiple solutions is the current state [in the industry],” he said.

Tasktop’s task federation can be used to unify an ALM stack, and it supports HP’s Quality Center and IBM’s Rational Team Concert, with additional product support planned for future releases.

This release also includes connectors for HP’s Agile Accelerator, Hudson/Jenkins, Rally’s ALM tools, SmartBear’s Code Collaborator and Visual Studio.
It also includes the release of the Tasktop Agile Planner for the Eclipse IDE. Agile Planner is an offline Scrum task board that can provide “cross-repository agile planning,” according to Kersten. This is a native client inside the IDE, he said, adding that any change that happens in one tool is pushed across all tools with the integrations provided by the task federation tool and the agile planner.

“Developers can manage their own task list in this very personalized layer,” Kersten said.

The IDE supports multiple projects and task workflows, with customization available for each user. A developer can view workflow project-by-project or task-by-task, inside the IDE in one window. For Mylyn, this integration costs US$99 per seat; the Enterprise 2.0 edition costs $199 per seat.