Android is revealing Android 7.1 Nougat with its Developer Preview, including features for consumers and developers. The Developer Preview itself is available later this month, similar to what the Android team did with Android 7.0.

Android 7.1 will have features for Daydream VR support, A/B system updates to app shortcuts, and image keyboard support. New capabilities for developers include circular app icon support, enhanced live wallpaper metadata, and an app shortcuts API. Another much-requested feature from developers is image keyboard support, which expands what users can enter from their keyboard, such as gifs and stickers.

The Android 7.1 Developer Preview will give developers the SDK and new APIs, documentation and samples, as well as emulators and device system images for running apps on Nexus devices.

The Developer Preview is available through the Android Beta Program.

Julia 0.5 is released
Julia 0.5 introduces more transformative features, including some major changes like functional programming updates, comprehensions, generators, arrays, strings, and more.

One of the issues before this release was that the programming language had a few performance problems, so the solution was to make functional programming fast. The Julia standard library and ecosystem included workarounds to get expressiveness of functional programming, so this release includes high-order functions, closures, and lambdas that had been made efficient.

Updates on functional programming features, ambiguous methods, and return type annotations can be found here.

Cloud migration service from Logicworks
Logicworks has announced the launch of its Cloud Migration Service, which will help customers achieve success with AWS. The service gives enterprise IT teams a framework for cloud migration, and this service will feature those that can be used to migrate applications to AWS.

According to the company, it has seen many requests for enterprise cloud migration, and that companies need to accelerate their move to the cloud will still use AWS to transform their business.

“We are seeing increasing demand from enterprises that want to migrate to AWS, but are either unsure about how to achieve their specific goals or want assistance in operationalizing full-scale deployments,” said Jason McKay, senior vice president at and CTO of Logicworks.

The Cloud Migration Service is available for AWS customers today for a one-time engagement fee.

Serverless Framework v1 comes out of beta
The Serverless Framework v1 is now out of beta. Serverless, the platform behind the framework, is announcing that the company has closed a seed round of funding worth US$3 million by Trinity Ventures.

These funds will be used to increase the efforts behind the framework, bringing in more powerful service architectures across providers.

Now that the framework has graduated from beta, the key AWS services that comprise the Serverless Architecture have matured and most of the functionality is now supported by AWS CloudFormation. This allows users to perform safer deployments.

The Serverless Framework will stay open source as well, and a majority of new resources will be directed toward improving the framework in the future, according to the company.